Setup at a Github account

You will use Github to publish your application program.

The first setup is setting up a github account.

At your leisure you can visit the about your profile to learn more about github and how to customize your profile.

Extra credit: setting up ssh

Whenever you upload anything (like a change to your program) to github it will need to know your username and password. Entering these credentials every time can quickly become tedious.

The way to simplify the process is to create an ssh key pair (ssh stands for secure shell). When you create your own ssh key pair there is a private key (which is only ever on your computer) and a public key (that you can share with any site that needs to know your credentials).

Once you set this up and provide your private ssh key password on your computer the first time you won’t have to enter any passwords every time you want git push something to github.

See the detailed documentation on getting ssh setup for github.

Windows users may want to try Git Bash as way of interacting with git and github.