Request an invitation to Clojurians Slack

In a web browser go to and enter your e-mail address to get an invitation.

request invitation

Sign in to Slack

Sign in to Slack and click on “Explore Slack”.


Join the #clojurebridgemn channel

Now in the upper right search box enter #clojurebridgemn – this is the channel for ClojureBridgeMN students and volunteers. When you see the channel listed in search results.. click on it. Then click the Join button at the bottom of the page.

Now you ask questions and get answers right away (even after the workshop)!

This is the Slack for the Clojure Community – there are channels for every possible topic, from core development, specific applications and even user groups in geographic locations (for example our own Clojure.MN user’s group is on #clojuremn)